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We're sorry there's a bug in our product. We'll try to remove it for you as soon as possible.

If you have an version error installing or loading our product with Delphi or C++ Builder, please check you have our latest release and all Borland update packs installed.

If you have a bug report for a product you purchased from a distributor, please register before requesting support.

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Bug Occurs In:

*Product(s):     ABC for Delphi Version 5
                 ABC for Delphi Version 6
                 TRANSFORM Component Expert Version 5
                 TRANSFORM Component Expert Version 6
                 Other (describe below)

ABC Component:   

*Occurs at:      Compile Time
                 Design Time
                 Run Time

*Severity:        Minor    Major    Critical   

 Product:         Delphi   C++ Builder


*Platform:       Windows 95
                 Windows NT 4
                 Windows 98
                 Windows 2000

Any other symptoms, information or code samples 
to help us debug the error:


Contact Details:

*Email Address:  
First Name:       
Last Name:       
Job Title:        
Company Name:    

If you have larger code samples to send, please ZIP them and send as a mail attachment in MIME, Binhex or UUENCODED format to

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