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In the News:

"In order to create Delphi components visually I am going to use a third-party program called TRANSFORM ... (which) ... scored nine out of ten when reviewed in PC Plus issue 118. This should give you some idea of the power and simplicity of component programming with TRANSFORM. ... it does a first-rate job of turning complete Delphi applications into self-contained components."

Huw Collingbourne, PC Plus Magazine Delphi workshop, Issue 119

"Although it is possible to create a component which contains multiple components, it is generally not a trivial process. Usually you have to write a fair amount of Object Pascal code to initialize the subcomponents, test, rewrite, test, rewrite, etcetera, etcetera ad nauseum. The TRANSFORM Component Expert simplifies the task by quickly and painlessly converting Delphi forms into installable components. ... TRANSFORM includes 1.5 megabytes of sample components and supporting programs which give a good illustration of the capabilities of the product. ... I was very impressed by both the breadth of these demos and the high quality of their accompanying on-line documentation. ... as a seasoned component writer I have absolutely no hesitation in declaring that TRANSFORM can and will save you hours of hand-coding when creating aggregate components."

Greg Leif, Acquarium Magazine


Developer Feedback:

"I think this is a great tool and that no real Delphi power user should be without it. It makes code-reuse easy and increases productivity. It also adds some fun to programming."

"I think Transform looks excellent and would love to do some collaborative work now or in the future with your company."

"I love it!"

"Have just had a good look at Transform at the Borland Developers Conference in London, you've done a great job."


Selected Clients:

A/S Tobias Jensen Production, Denmark Advanced Delphi Systems, USA AMETEK Inc., USA AWA Defence Industries, Australia Axfite Pty Ltd, Australia Claflin & Clayton Inc, USA Department of Defence, Australia Dunstan Thomas, UK Future Publishing, UK Greig Fester, UK Griffith University, Australia HR Data, Sweden MacBe b.v., Nederland Object Synthesis Inc., USA Orchid Decision Systems Ltd, Israel PHH Europe PLC, UK


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