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Top Ten Reasons to Buy ABC

  1. A complete integrated solution. ABC gives you the most popular user interface features working together in a single suite.

  2. Powerful functionality.  No other package offers the same depth and breadth of components as ABC.

  3. Freedom to choose your DBMS.  Our dataset adapter framework completely decouples data-aware controls from database platforms, while still allowing extended functionality on supporting platforms.

  4. State of the Art IDE Interfaces.  Our component and property editors take full advantage of the latest Delphi 6 IDE enhancements.

  5. An easy learning curve.  ABC includes full documentation, an IDE component browser, integrated help and over 90 sample programs.

  6. Optimised 32-bit construction.  We've said goodbye to 16-bit applications and cleaned up our code.  What you get is designed for Win32 and takes full advantage of the latest operating system features.

  7. Extensive cross-platform testing.  We design and test across the following platforms:  Windows 95, NT3.51, NT4.0, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Paradox, InterBase, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Flash Filer, Advantage, Apollo, ODBC, ADO.

  8. Proven and Reliable.  ABC has been used by programmers in more than 60 countries, in thousands of applications, since Delphi 1.

  9. Continuing development.  ABC is our core focus and continues to be enhanced with regular updates and new components throughout the year.

  10. Ongoing support.  We're there when you need us to answer questions, respond to suggestions, or help you get the job done.


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