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ABC for Delphi References

ABC for Delphi is ... "a high quality, good value set of components, providing just about everything you might think you need and a few more besides!" 
David Sutherland, Developers Review Magazine

ABC for Delphi is … "a bargain... the whole is greater than the sum of its parts... it would be difficult to argue that the purchase is a foolish one."
Larry Clark, Delphi Informant Magazine

"There are a lot of libraries out there but yours is rock solid and we use it on almost every form. Please keep up the great work." 
Scott M. Cross, President, Assurance Research Group, Lauderhill, Florida, USA

"Atta boy section.  Nice set of components.  I use them almost daily and have embedded them into my apps and utilities.  Please advise me of any other Delphi products you create in the future.  You are my candidate for tool box of the year!!!!
Matthew W. Monroe, Spokane, Washington, USA

"Wir benutzen sowohl die ABC Componenten Suite als auch Transform für die Entwicklung  unseres erfolgreichen Produktes DocMan. Die Componenten lassen sich sehr einfach implementieren und erfüllen unseren Anspruch in Qualität und Dokumentation. Bei Problemen wurde uns sofort und erfolgreich geholfen."
Boris Uhlig, Product-Manager DocMan, Hamburg, Germany

(translation) We are using the ABC Component Suite as well as Transform for the development of our successful product DocMan. The components are easy to implement and fulfil our needs in quality and documentation. Problems are solved fast and succesfully. 
Boris Uhlig, Product-Manager DocMan, Hamburg, Germany

"I recently made a decision to narrow my use of third-party components to just a few dependable, indispensable libraries. Not surprisingly, I have kept TurboPower's Orpheus and Woll2Woll's InfoPower in the arsenal. What did come as a surprise was the amount I relied on ABC from Australia's Objective Software Technologies and how easily I could reconfigure my use of most other third-party material to use an ABC equivalent. Paring down the project's USES clauses resulted in leaner code, a more consistent interface and virtual elimination of conflicts. And it got faster, to boot."
Gary Mugford, Bramalea, Ontario, Canada

"Si la gestion des erreurs proposee dans Delphi vous pose probleme, ou si vous avez deja consacre du temps et des efforts pour mettre en place un simple ecran de saisie, votre reponse est certainement dans ABC. Vous aurez en plus des dizaines de composants, du multimedia, aux panneaux et separateurs intelligents, une bien originale grille horizontale, et bien d'autres choses. On peut surement trouver tout cela ailleurs, mais ici tout est reuni en un seul produit."
Roland Donikyan, Beaumont Sur Oise, Val d'Oise, France.

(translation) If you ever have been bothered with Delphi's own error handling, or spent time and efforts in designing a single data entry form, ABC is certainly your answer. Furthermore you'll find dozens of components from multimedia support to smart splitters and panels, an unusual horizontal grid and much more. Most of the components you can find elsewhere, but here you have them all in the same package. 
Roland Donikyan, Beaumont Sur Oise, Val d'Oise, France.

"I'm a decent-enough programmer in a busy one-man shop with a list of clients in perpetual need for new features in their system software. Even if I was an expert programmer capable of rhyming off constructors and destructors in my sleep, I find it hard to believe I could be any more efficient than when using ABC and the rest of my support libraries. And I KNOW the quality can't get any better. Bank on ABC. I do literally AND figuratively!"
Paul Doland, Houston, Texas, USA.

"Standaard Delphi controls zijn meestal goed, maar hier starten de ABC componenten pas EN ze stoppen daar niet bij C, maar brengen me ook naar D, E en verder." 
Kees van Amerongen, Veenendaal, The Netherlands

(translation) The standard controls from Delphi are often good, but thats where ABC starts !  AND they don't stop at C, but take me to D , E  and further.
Kees van Amerongen, Veenendaal, The Netherlands

"After using your components now for only two months, I have replaced most of the changed, mangled, bent-out-of-shape-to-make-it-fit and messy components in my applications to yours. Congratulations." 
Darrell Klar,
Kent Town, SA, Australia

"Finally a library with components that don't look like ugly gray boxes.  ABC is a refreshing change that for a small price can really enhance the look, feel and even the functionality of your applications.  I place ABC alongside InfoPower as a must have."
Derek Ellison, Software User-Friendly  

"Thank you for the help. Your advice got me up and running. I would like to commend you and your company on it's excellent support. Keep up the good work. Thanks again!"
Steve Brown, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

"Thanks for the help with the new TabcLauncher component. The addition of the AfterExecute event solves our problem and seems to be working just fine. Really appreciate it. Your support is superior to anything I've seen in this hemisphere."
Meade Roberts, Oregon, USA

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