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Getting Started Using ABC

There are many sources where you can browse for information about ABC 5 features and component details:

  1. Installation is completely automated. If your setup program installs the runtime demonstration program, the last page of the setup dialog shows an "Explore" button to launch the demo program.  You can also run this from the Start menu, or from within the Delphi IDE.

  2. The ABC component hint browser is installed in your IDE - Choose Help | Browse ABC Components from the Delphi or C++ Builder menu.

  3. In Delphi 5 you will also find a new Object Inspector property category for ABC for Delphi properties.   These are component properties we have identified as unique or significant to the ABC components.

  4. When you are working with ABC in the IDE, the abc5.hlp file contains context sensitive help links for all components.

  5. Source for the main demonstration program is installed in the abc5\demo\abc5 subdirectory.  There are also 90 other sample programs in the abc5\demo path, together with batch files to compile them all from the command line (set up for Delphi 5).

  6. There is a tutorial for some of the DB Navigation
    components, described in the printed manual and in the abc5\doc\abc5.pdf file.  This application is also found in the abc5\demo\tutorial subdirectory.

  7. In the Pro and Runtime versions, the abc5\Adapters subdirectory contains examples of different database connections using the new dataset adapter framework. 

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