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ABC Version 6 Features

System Requirements

  • Delphi versions 4, 5 or 6; Professional and Enterprise versions only.
  • ABC Pro and Site License versions also support C++ Builder versions 4, 5 (and 6 when released); Professional and Enterprise versions only.
  • 20MB or more disk space.
  • 32 bit platforms - Windows 2000, 95, 98 or NT 4 recommended.
  • Customers can also download ABC version 4 or 5 if required for for Delphi 1, 2 and 3.

 ABC for Delphi Contains

  • Over 220 components
  • Designtime and runtime packages, dcu/dfm files for above versions of Delphi or C++Builder
  • ABC Pro and Site License versions also contain all source code.
  • Fully automated installation
  • Integrated context-sensitive help files
  • Integrated IDE component palette browser
  • 150 page User Guide in PDF format
  • Over 90 component sample, demonstration and tutorial programs

The ABC Component Palette

ABC is a large library of over 220 components arranged in 14 palette pages.  Each palette page links with a designtime package to allow separate registration.

  1. ABC Toolbars & Menus: components for complete floating/dockable toolbar construction; and toolbar and MDI custom animated menus.  These components also integrate with the NavToolbar and data navigation buttons.
  2. ABC DB Nav: free form database navigator components including fast navigation, filter, index selection, bookmark and find/replace dialog buttons that can be placed on a navigator toolbar or panel.
  3. ABC Data Controls: data controls for selecting, presenting and editing database information.  BDE-specific data controls are also found on the ABC BDE palette page.
  4. ABC Data Access: components for generic dataset or file access, including standard exception handling, help and hint database support, and dataset adapter registration for BDE, ADO, MIDAS and Interbase dataset access. BDE-specific data access components are also found on the ABC BDE palette page.
  5. ABC Containers: Windowed controls that contain other controls or forms, including, button bars and button lists, animation frames, form panels, splitter windows, panels and notebooks.
  6. ABC Controls: controls for data editing and graphical presentation in Windows applications, and controls for modifying form appearance.
  7. ABC Dialogs: popup forms and dialogs for commonly used operations such as splash, welcome tips, busy/progress, directory selection/file operations, and page setup.
  8. ABC Multimedia: components to store and display images, image transition effects, sounds and other multimedia information.
  9. ABC Buttons: general purpose picture buttons and special purpose buttons.
  10. ABC Labels:  general and special purpose labels for displaying text information.
  11. ABC Utils: other utility components and dialogs, which donít fit into the other palette classifications.
  12. ABC Attached Label:  range of standard Delphi controls with attached labels that move, cut, copy, paste along with the original control.
  13. ABC DB Attached Label: standard Delphi data controls with attached labels that move, cut, copy, paste along with the original control.  The component design also allows for automatic setting of the label caption from the data field of the component.
  14. ABC BDE: data controls and data access components with BDE-specific properties such as direct TTable or TQuery content.  Exception handling, message display and exception logging capability for BDE applications. Local data access components for use with local Paradox and DBase data sources, and the DBIdleTime component for flushing cached data updates to disk.

The ABC Dataset Adapter Framework

This framework maps TDataset descendant class capabilities to a set of desired properties and methods used by ABC data controls.

An adapter design pattern used in this framework allows plug and play insertion of dataset classes and adapters without needing to recompile or modify the data controls.  Dataset classes are interchangeable, with runtime behaviour of the controls determined by the capabilities of the underlying dataset.

ABC data controls include custom actions for filtering, index selection, data navigation and other data actions.  Historically, these actions were limited to features of the BDE. 

In recent Delphi and C++ Builder releases, particularly Version 5 onwards, different databases use a variety of methods and support different subsets of this functionality in their TDataset descendant classes.  The ABC dataset adapter classes describe the TDataset class capabilities - mapping dataset class properties and methods to a standard set of properties and methods used by ABC controls.

The following figure illustrates the interfaces in the base classes and use of inheritance to override adapter methods:

Dataset Adapter Framework

The TabcDatasetAdapter class is a non-persistent lightweight object.  Descendant classes override its virtual methods to change capabilities and implementation details.  A new dataset adapter descendant class is created and registered for each TDataset descendant class.

No code is required to use these adapters; it is already built in to the ABC data controls.  All that is needed is to add the appropriate adapter unit to your project.  This registers the adapter class that will be used for each dataset class.  In future if you decide say, to replace TTable with TADOTable components, all that changes at the ABC component level is to substitute one adapter unit.

Dataset adapter classes are currently provided for the following databases:

Database Classes Supported
BDE TTable, TQuery, TStoredProc
ADO TADODataset, TADOTable, TADOQuery, TADOStoredProc
InterBase TIBDataset, TIBTable, TIBQuery, TIBStoredProc
MIDAS TClientDataset
Flash Filer TffTable
Advantage TadsTable, TadsQuery
Titan Access TtaTable, TtaQuery, TtaStoredProc
ODBC Express ToeDataset, ToeQuery
Apollo TApolloDataset
ASTA TAstaClientDataset, TAstaDataset
CodeBase TCBTableSet, TCBQuerySet

Here are Links to These Database Companies

Both ABC Pro and Runtime versions include all source for the adapter classes to encourage sharing and development of this framework. 

We are adding other database and dataset support as requested by customers - please contact us to see if your database and dataset are now supported.  

Help, Demos and Documentation

ABC includes extensive context-sensitive help on all components and major classes.

There are over 90 demonstration programs with source, illustrating key components and techniques.

Our 150 page User Guide is designed to get you started and provide a useful reference.

The User Guide is now published in Adobe PDF as well as bound book format.


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